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A space for everyone to strengthen, grow and heal.

Vinyasa Basics

This is our beginner class which will focus on basic postures, breath and alignment. Students will explore poses to increase strength, balance, and flexibility. This class encourages you to grow at your own pace and is ideal for those who are new to yoga. Also great for seasoned practioners who would like to deepen their yoga practice.


Vinyasa Flow

Vinyasa Flow synchronizes breath with movement as one pose leads smoothly to the next. Sequencing varies with the instructor and one can expect to move through sun salutations, balancing poses, twists and backbends. Helpful in developing more awareness in both body and breath, you may find greater ease both on and off the mat. This class is open to all levels with options to modify as needed.


Restorative Yoga With Essential Oils

An excellent practice for restoring the body after injury, illness or simply to slow down and undo the effects of stress. The postures are held without effort using the support of props such as bolsters, blankets and blocks. No experience is necessary in this non-heated, gentle class that calms and sooths the nervous system. Enjoy light assists (optional) with essential oils as you relax into Savasana.



This is a still, passive practice in which the poses are held longer and the body’s meridian system is opened to allow the flow of chi energy. Yin helps to create space and increase mobility in our hips, pelvis, and spine. Health benefits of yin yoga can include greater emotional well being, organ health, and improved immune system function. This practice is also helpful to find balance in our busy active lives. Please wear layers to allow for changes in body temperature. Yin is suitable for all levels and no prior experience is needed