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Class Etiquette

A space for everyone to strengthen, grow and heal.

We ask that you kindly adhere to the following guidelines so that everyone may enjoy an effective, safe, and positive class experience. Please tell your instructor if…

  • You are new to the class.
  • You need to leave early.
  • You have any medical considerations including injuries, pregnancy, or special medications that might require exercise modifications.
  • You prefer no hands-on physical corrections and adjustments.

Please keep in mind…

    • Consult your physician before beginning any yoga practice.
    • Arrive early or on time.
    • The studio is a quiet space. Be mindful of your voice.
    • If you are new to yoga, please begin in a Vinyasa Basics or Gentle Flow class.
    • Follow the instructor’s practice. You are welcome to modify the asanas (poses) as needed and when appropriate.
    • Choose a class that is appropriate for you and modify as needed during class. Yoga classes will vary with the instructor.
    • Vinyasa Flow yoga is best practiced on an empty stomach or after a light snack.
    • Refrain from wearing any perfume, cologne, or strong scents.
    • Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water after class.